Has Gary Lineker got it right?

By Matthew Briggs In About TLS

Match of the Day presenter. Former England striker. Peddler of crisps. Gary Lineker isn’t your average legal commentator, nor would he be considered the most obvious candidate to provide the profession with advice on best practice.

However, his recent remarks in relation to the processing of his divorce should be taken seriously and law firms ignore his warnings at their peril.

As the ink is barely dry on Lineker’s decree absolute, you might be forgiven for thinking that a turbulent and acrimonious divorce process has left him bitter and biased against the law as a result of his circumstances – but in actual fact the opposite appears to be true.

When Lineker and his then wife Danielle Bux separated in 2015 and began making arrangements for their divorce, the star has been quoted as saying:

Just generally speaking, it’s very easy to get married and very difficult to get divorced. And we know that lawyers try to manipulate it to make you spend more money and basically end up hating each other.”

Unfair though this undoubtedly is on the thousands of reputable legal service providers who work in their clients best interests during divorce proceedings, it is clear that more needs to be done to change the perception of a lawyer’s role in the divorce process.

Complexity simplified
In Lineker’s case, an amicable split made it simply possible for them to pursue divorce proceedings through a government website for £400. And in the Law Society Gazette, a number of industry figures have admitted that changes are required to assist couples in divorcing amicably.

Nigel Shepherd of Resolution – the family law group campaigning for no-fault divorce – said:

We agree entirely with Mr Lineker that there should be clearer guidance about financial provision upon divorce, so that people understand the potential outcomes and consequences of any settlement reached.

“Unfortunately it’s not always possible for people to finalise everything so quickly, or in such an amicable way, and that’s where the support of professionals is invaluable.”

This is the crucial point. Divorce is certainly not a one-size-fits-all service and legal service providers understand that their value lies inherently in tailoring their approach to meet the needs of each individual case. But if they cannot relay the importance of seeking expert advice clearly to clients, more people may turn to the cheaper ‘government website’ option. This will see more people making costly mistakes in a bid to keep expenditure down, simply because they are not able to gain a clear picture of what value can be added by a legal service provider.

At The Law Superstore we believe that we are perfectly placed to help clients find the service and legal service provider that fits their needs. By answering a number of carefully crafted qualifying questions, our legal comparison platform can help both petitioners and respondents to clarify their needs and access an appropriate complexity of service from the outset.

By laying out clear scopes of work for a range of case complexities, prospective clients can not only gain a clear picture of the service on offer but develop a clearer understanding of why it is that their case demands a certain level of legal support – be it due to significant financial interests or child arrangements.

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