Isn’t The Law Superstore just another directory?

By Matthew Briggs In About TLS

The Law Superstore’s Matthew Briggs explains why the platform should not be confused with the many legal directories on the market currently, and touches on some of the innovative features that make it a truly unique proposition.

The Law Superstore is absolutely not just another legal directory or a review site. People often come and speak to me, they say, “Oh, yeah, we’ve seen these come and go before and there is a number of them out there now.”  The upshot is that when a partner sees the proposition in its full glory they wholeheartedly accept that there is nothing like this in the market.

This is not a directory; it is not a review site – although those parts do play a part of the proposition – but this is a full whole of market legal aggregation search engine that allows any client to search across a number of criteria.

They can search not just on quality, price or location; but also against a wide range of special attributes important to the client and possessed by our expert panel of Legal Service Providers

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