Meet The Law Superstore’s newest partner - Blacks

By Matthew Briggs In About TLS

Today’s The Law Superstore partner is Chris Allen, managing partner at Blacks Solicitors in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

  • Chris Allen of Blacks Solicitors

The 16 partner firm has two offices in Leeds and provides legal services to clients throughout the UK. Employment specialist Chris, started with the firm over 22 years ago. Blacks Solicitors has gone from strength to strength since opening, which Chris says is down to the first class service they provide to all their clients.

Q1. Why did you choose to sign up to The Law Superstore?
A.     I think the real question here is why wouldn’t we sign up?

As a firm, we have seen technology grow and grow and for the better. Gone are the ‘dial up’ days of the internet when you couldn’t use the phone if someone was online. Thinking back how did we even cope?

With consumers changing the way they shop, we need to keep up with their needs and give them what they want – and that’s choice. The great thing about The Law Superstore is that potential clients will have a choice which will inevitably be another source of work for us.

Q2. What advice would you give to other firms considering signing up to The Law Superstore
A.     Firms may be sceptical at first. They are used to clients just walking through the door but times have changed. By signing up to The Law Superstore firms will be opening their door to thousands of potential clients.

Standing still is going backwards. Shoppers are becoming more savvy and online shopping is increasing dramatically.  We simply can’t afford to keep our guard up anymore in regards to change.

Our firm excels in providing clear and sensible advice. Clients are our main priority; without them we would be nothing.  The Law Superstore is an online source to potential new clients. They will have the ability to filter their search down to the very last detail. This way they will be finding a firm which is right for them and in turn, right for the firm.

Q3. What changes do you think the legal sector needs to make to be more competitive?
A.     In my view I think the legal sector is still sitting comfortably in the passenger seat. It knows that the sector is always going to be around. People will continue to get divorced or injure themselves at work. Some lawyers presume they can sit behind a desk all day and wait for the business to walk through the door.

The quality of service needs to be the point of focus. The customer must always come first. We pride ourselves in our passion for customer service and friendliness. An outsider’s view is that lawyers are expensive and the process is complicated. It’s our job to make this industry more approachable. Customers need to be told in black and white what legal advice they are getting so they feel comfortable and in my view, this will keep them coming back.

Q4. On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is new business to your firm? (1 not important – 10 very important)
A.     Ten.  Blacks know that without new business we couldn’t grow. We also know that our returning customers are just as important as our new.

Q5. Are you a Technophile or Luddite?
A.     Technophile.

Q6. What item of technology couldn’t you live without?
A.     Our servers.

Q6. Do you purchase online?
A.     My online purchasing has certainly increased over time. It’s great as you can read reviews and compare prices, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Q7. What’s your career highlight?
A.     Winning ‘best law firm in Yorkshire’ without question. Blacks is a dynamic and innovative firm constantly looking for new ways to improve. Joining The Law Superstore is definitely an exciting time for us.



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