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By Matthew Briggs In About TLS

Today’s The Law Superstore partner is Gavin Redman, a partner at Express Solicitors in Manchester. His rise up the legal career ladder has been less than ordinary – in fact – his career started in the kitchen rather than in the courtroom. A perspective, he believes, gives him the edge on creating legal services that put customer experience at their heart

Q1. Why did you choose to sign up to The Law Superstore?
A: As a business we’ve tried out pretty much every lead generation tool going. We’ve spent a lot of money trying to find the perfect solution over the last five years and to be honest that’s never really happened. So I was sceptical when I was told about The Law Superstore.

Saying that, unlike so many tools out there you can see a lot of investment and thought has gone into the platform to make it work for law firms. What’s more, you can control every part of the system yourself. Why wouldn’t you give it a try?

Q2. What would you say to the firms who don’t like the idea of law services being made available online?
A: Firstly, I’d question why they don’t like the idea. Secondly, why are you so afraid of change?

Gone are the days when solicitors could just sit behind their desks and wait for the business to roll in, especially when you offer personal injury legal advice.  Now you need to work harder, you need to have more visibility and you need to be transparent.

Perhaps the industry needs to just get over itself and give the consumer what it wants – access to clear legal advice at a reasonable cost.

My background isn’t in law, it’s a sector I progressed into, so maybe my experience of customer driven industries such as catering and sales, has instilled in me the ‘customer is always right’ ethos. For me the consumer in this sector wants more access to online legal support and that’s what our firm is happy to provide.

Q3. What do you aim to achieve by signing up to The Law Superstore? E.g. gaining more customers, tapping into the lucrative latent market, building the firm’s online profile etc.
A: Over the years the personal injury area of law has experienced a deluge of cowboys. Now, we’re fighting for each client and that includes online too.

Think about it, what’s the first thing you do if you want to find legal advice? Most people search online and are inundated with sponsored links from personal injury firms. Realistically most people click a firm on the first page of Google, rarely do they search further. That doesn’t mean they’ve reached the right firm, it’s just the most convenient.

We invest a lot in our search engine optimisation and we will continue to, but The Law Superstore will add something extra to our online marketing.

Q4. What changes do you think the legal sector needs to make to be more competitive?
A: There are a lot of egos in the legal sector and because of this there is a view among some that investing in new business isn’t that important. They think clients will come to them by word of mouth and reputation. And that’s true in some cases, but there are some people who will never seek legal support because they think lawyers are incredibly expensive and that it’s all too complicated and confusing.

I think as an industry we need to challenge that idea. We need to make the legal sector approachable and driven not on ego, but on customer satisfaction.

Q5. On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is new business to your firm? (1 not important – 10 very important)
A: Ten – it’s at the heart of our business and always will be.

Q6. Do you feel you invest enough time and money attracting new business to the firm?
A: It’s an incredibly important part of our business so we’re always looking at new ways to attract new business. For us, waiting for a client to just walk in the door isn’t an option, we want to drive them here.

Q7. You are looking into a crystal ball – what is your one prediction for the legal sector’s future?
A: Fresh blood coming into the sector and innovations such as The Law Superstore will in my view quash the status quo.  

A big shake up of the legal sector is long overdue, and not in the too distant future.

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