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By Matthew Briggs In About TLS

Today’s The Law Superstore partner is Roger Holden, a managing partner at Hansells Solicitors and Financial Advisors.

The business started over 180 years ago, and now has eight offices in the East of England.  High Flyer Holden, specialises in aviation law and is based at the company’s head office in Norwich. Since the business began it has flourished which Roger puts down to its exceptional customer service.

Q1. Why did you choose to sign up to The Law Superstore?
A.     Technology is forever changing and quickly.  Just look at mobile phones. Over the last 20 years we’ve gone from using a mobile phone to call or text to being able to organise your whole life at the touch of a button, including choosing what company to go to for legal advice.

I got to know about this new chapter for law services when I met Andy Lyalle on a panel when he was a solicitor with RAC legal services. Today he is the legal network sales director at The Law Superstore. I got to know him and was overcome by his drive and passion for this new venture. As a company we are very warm and welcome new clients. But with new technology we can’t sit back and wait for clients to walk through the door we must be proactive.

The legal sector is going from strength to strength by embracing new ideas, which Hansells is very open to.

Q2. What advice would you give to other firms considering signing up to The Law Superstore
A.     Firms may be reluctant at first, and why wouldn’t they be?  It’s completely new and the word ‘new’ can be daunting. You just have to take a leap of faith.  

Hansells is honourable to every single client that walks through our door, without them we would be nothing. The Law Superstore is an online supermarket for potential clients – they have choice and the ability to find something they want rather than something they found on the first page of Google because it was convenient.   If the technology is there, consumers will use it.

Q3. What changes do you think the legal sector needs to make to be more competitive?
A.     Personally, I think this is entirely up to the individual firm. Consumers are always a bit hesitant when it comes to using lawyers as it’s widely known they are expensive, so they end up going to a search engine and finding the cheapest and most convenient. 

Hansells, has spent a very long time establishing itself. Being a managing partner for over 25 years I can safely say we work extremely hard on customer cases. It’s not necessarily price that clients come to us for, the service they receive is second to none – we’re approchable. 

If a legal practice is not welcoming, customers will turn a blind eye. They need to be aware of everything you, as a firm is doing for them, so the whole process doesn’t seem as nerve-racking.

Q4. On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is new business to your firm? (1 not important – 10 very important)
A.     7. There are many different sectors within law from family law to personal injury law so it really does depend.

Q5. Do you feel you invest enough time and money to attracting new business firm?
A.     We’re always on the lookout for new business, but as I’ve mentioned before it depends what sector.

We know we must drive new business to and not wait for it to come to us– it just doesn’t work like that anymore. No matter how many people refuse to accept this, it’s the truth, so we need to move with the new innovations and not get left behind.

Q6. Are you a technophile or Luddite?
A.     Without question a technophile. I couldn’t live without my own iPhone and I’m always looking at the latest sound systems, I actually just purchased one.

Q7. You are looking into a crystal ball – what is your one prediction for the legal sector’s future?
A.     I’d keep on looking into that crystal ball. The Law Superstore is just the start of new innovations coming into the sector.  The future is very bright for lawyers, it’s a profession that people will always need, but it’s how consumer’s access the service that will change.

The opening of The Law Superstore, is an exciting time for me and I’m sure many others. Some firms may be sceptical but they will soon realise new opportunities to get clients on board is a good thing rather than a threat…

Q8. What’s your career highlight?
A.     Honestly, I’ve enjoyed everything. I always knew I wanted to work in law. As a youngster, I felt it was a profession that would challenge me, but at the same time be very rewarding.

I jumped at the chance when I got the opportunity to become a managing partner in Hansells. It’s a job that puts me through my paces. But, then when I have time off I like to play golf and attend festivals. It’s all about balance.

If you would like to become the newest partner of The Law Superstore, visit our website and join us now

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