Meet The Law Superstore’s newest partner - McMillan Williams Solicitors Limited

By Matthew Briggs In About TLS

Today’s The Law Superstore partner is David Riddle, director of commercial development at McMillan Williams Solicitors Limited.

  • David Riddle of McMillan Williams Solicitors

The growing firm began over 30 years ago and now has 22 offices across London and the South of England. David believes legal firms can always do more to get customers through the door and explains why McMillan William Solicitors is thrilled to sign up to a new chapter in the law history books.

Q1. Why did you choose to sign up to The Law Superstore?
     I think the simple answer is that technology is changing. Consumers are becoming more tech savvy – organising their life through their mobile. Ten years ago if someone said that you could time your kettle to have boiled for when you walk through the door by using an app I think 99 per cent of people would have laughed.

The exciting thing about The Law Superstore is that it is a unique concept, especially in the legal sector. It is helping us catch up with the insurance and food delivery services which began over ten years ago. At the end of the day, price comparison sells. It is a vital part of selling your service. Just look at the big supermarket chains, they advertise their products by comparing prices with rival stores – why not legal services too?

Customers like to be in control. They like to find things themselves and not be dictated to. The Law Superstore hands the control over to customers. All they have to do is fill in a few details. Once the customer has chosen a particular law firm, they will feel empowered. It’s then over to us.

Q2. What advice would you give to other firms considering signing up to The Law Superstore
  I think the problem is that people in general are hesitant about trying something new. The most impressive thing about The Law Superstore is that it is a completely fresh idea for the law sector. No-one knows how well it will do, but they’ve nothing to lose by signing up.

If people didn’t jump feet first into a new project then the world would be at a standstill. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut and believe that change is a good thing. The whole experience, good or bad is part of an awakening story.

Q3. What would you say to firms who don’t like the idea of law services being made available online?
    Cross the frontier or the frontier crosses you. I think it’s important, especially for younger firms to get involved in this new innovation, otherwise they will fall behind. It’s definitely a trick not to be missed.

Q4. What do you aim to achieve by signing up to The Law Superstore?
     Customer satisfaction is extremely important to McMillan Williams Solicitors. We currently have over 420 ambitious and energetic staff working for us and their aim is to ensure the client goes away happy

You can work in a thousand different ways trying to get new clients, but if the staff can’t deliver, their customer will look elsewhere. They want to be able to trust you as a company.

The Law Superstore will open another door for us just as much as the customer. For example, if we were looking to start professional negligence work we could look and see what is already out there using The Law Superstore. By being strategic and offering a better price we could get more customers.

Q5. On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is new business to your frim?
     10 – with no hesitation.

Q6. Do you feel you invest enough time and money to attracting new business firm?
     You can always do more to attract new business. The bottom line is without customers we wouldn’t have a business. As one of the fastest growing firms in the country for services provided, we still know we could do more.

It’s always good to push yourself. The Law Superstore is a genius idea as we are able to reach out to such a wide variety of customers without even leaving the office.

Q7. What item of technology couldn’t you live without?
    My mobile phone – the world is at your fingertips. It was actually the last thing I bought online after searching for the best price.

Q8. Are you a Technophile or Luddite?

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