Meet The Law Superstore’s newest partner - Redkite Solicitors

By Matthew Briggs In About TLS

Today’s The Law Superstore partner is Neil Walker, chief executive officer at Redkite Solicitors.

  • Neil Walker of Redkite Solicitors

The established firm was formed after Lowless & Lowless and Morris Roberts merged together. Today the firm has expanded to having six offices across Wales. So with such success, why did Redkite Solicitors sign up to The Law Superstore? According to Neil, it’s all about making it easier for his customers to access legal services – something the firm is committed to doing.

Q1. Why did you choose to sign up to The Law Superstore?
    As a firm, we are very confident in The Law Superstore.

The market is constantly changing and for the better. I think about 90 percent of our potential customers have access to the internet and with the population spending almost three hours online a day it would be silly not to use this to the law firm’s advantage.

The Law Superstore is new and exciting. As a firm we agree that other price comparison websites in sectors such as financial services have become the norm, with consumers positively embracing comparison websites, helping them find services that are right for them. I don’t see why The Law Superstore won’t get the same reaction.  We want to have a front-row seat for the action and not be left on the sidelines.

Q2. What advice would you give to other firms considering signing up to The Law Superstore
A.     The Law Superstore is the first company to launch a law comparison website in the UK. They are taking a risk and as you can imagine there is a lot of pressure on them. But the key to success is being passionate, determined and believing that this will be the beginning of a new and successful chapter for the legal sector. It’s an approach that we strongly support.

Q3. What would you say to firms who don’t like the idea of legal services being made available online?
A.     I would say to them that it is going to happen regardless. Burying your head in the sand and ignoring it isn’t going to change anything.  Firms need to remain relevant and in today’s digital world that means being transparent and offering services on comparison websites.  The Law Superstore could be a real game changer and we are keen to have a slice of the action.   

Q4. What do you aim to achieve by signing up to The Law Superstore?
A.     As I’ve mentioned before, customers are the heart of Redkite. We bend over backwards to ensure our customer goes away happy. Our aim with The Law Superstore is simple - they help our voice be heard. The more potential customers we can help, the better.

We must broaden our horizons and support resources we think will be successful, like The Law Superstore. 

Q5. On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is new business to your firm?
A.     10.

Q6. Do you feel you invest enough time and money to attracting new business to the firm?
     Honestly, no. 

I wish we could, but we just don’t have the resources. Although we are an established firm in our own right, we are also considered to be relatively small. All this means is that we have to operate intelligently and signing up to The Law Superstore will give us access to customers we would struggle to do in-house with our own resources. 

Q7. What item of technology couldn’t you live without and why?
A.     I would say my smart phone - even though the signal can be a bit patchy in Wales!

Q8. What’s your career highlight?
A.     Becoming a CEO of a firm that has a genuine passion and drive to succeed.

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