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By Matthew Briggs In Legal News

Amazon recently launched a crackdown on fake reviews across its website, hitting back at fraudulent businesses that had been utilising phantom testimonials to gain credibility.

It may seem a petty, pointless or even pedantic endeavour to take on this task at first glance. However, I think this particular story is indicative of just how important reviews have become in our daily lives – and by association, how Amazon’s credibility as a marketplace relies on the reliability of such reviews.

Head on holiday, go out for a meal, buy a car or hire a plumber: almost every purchasing decision that we make today is subject to intense scrutiny. To be found online businesses need to get on board with digital platforms such as TripAdvisor, Autotrader or Checkatrade – and to bring in new business through these channels they need to prove their reputation through reviews and testimonials.

While this can be a constant challenge for product and service providers, this growing trend is a great way to keep them on their toes. It is also yet another sign that customers demand not only accessibility but transparency when they make a purchase.

In the case of Amazon, the e-commerce giant has taken to legal measures to rid the site of fake reviews that are influencing and impacting on buyers, sellers and products across the board. In Amazon’s own words they were driven to tackle businesses and individuals guilty of supplying ‘inauthentic reviews for profit’.

It is the third time that Amazon has filed such a lawsuit in the US and it is indicative of how seriously they take such misdemeanours – or at least, how important it is that they are perceived to be addressing the issue.

Amazon, like many of its fellow marketplaces and comparison sites relies on the inherent trust of users to generate such huge numbers of site visitors. Indeed, Amazon itself made the point that deterring abuse was just half the battle; exposing and undermining the entire ‘ecosystem’ of the underground economy surrounding fake reviews was the broader challenge.

A brand like Amazon relies on the faith customers have in the site. We all know that the marketplace features virtually every product you could ever wish to buy, but in order for consumers to continue to make it their go-to e-commerce site, they also require it to be a source of information and reliable data. Once the platform becomes guilty of showcasing five star reviews for poorly made or counterfeit products, there are plenty of other websites more than willing to take their custom from them.

The Law Superstore: the service clients have been waiting for
For some time now, individuals and businesses have been crying out for a reliable source of reviews and ratings to help them choose a legal service provider. I can tell you this because The Law Superstore carried out our own market research, canvassing 3,000 people for their views on the legal profession.

An overwhelming 79% of people said that they would use a reliable comparison site to choose their legal services. And of those under the age of 40, that number rose to 85%. These findings are supported by the research carried out by both the Legal Services Board (LSB) and Competitions & Markets Authority (CMA)

I am proud to say that through The Law Superstore this will soon be possible. From August 2016, clients will be able to make informed purchasing decisions based on genuine customers providing independent ratings and reviews.

Our survey showed that trust and reputation are right at the top of a client’s list of priorities when choosing a legal service provider. Today’s audience demands online recommendations as part of a wholly transparent service delivery and we are looking forward to making that possible.

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