SRA to investigate what consumers want from their family lawyer

By Matthew Briggs In Legal News

The SRA has announced that it intends to commission an independent piece of research with the intention of better understanding the types of experience had by consumers of family law services.

The research, which will also look at children’s and social welfare law, is set to have a particular focus on the gaps in evidence currently apparent in these areas of law. And the SRA hopes that such a study will inform future guidelines and toolkits that can aid firms in improving their customer service and providing better legal support.

This latest body of research from the SRA will consist of a telephone survey, online survey series of focus groups conducted by Ecorys UK, canvassing both consumers and law firms providing family legal services.

The SRA has asked that should a firm be contacted with a request to participate in the anonymous survey that they take the time to complete the 15-minute Q&A in order to assist with this important body of research.

On the 2016 research programme as a whole, the SRA’s Executive Director for Policy, Crispin Passmore, said:

We have set out an ambitious programme focused on exploring critical issues to the public interest and expanding and growing our evidence base, helping us to continue making informed decisions.”

Crispin goes on to say,

Throughout the year we will continue our approach of engaging with the public and the profession and look forward to hearing a range of views on our proposals and work.”

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