The CMA report into the Legal Market is out - and there's nowhere to hide

By Matthew Briggs In Legal News

CMA report into the Legal Market confirms it is considering a mandatory requirement for legal providers to engage with a digital comparison tool

  • The Law Superstore CEO Matthew Briggs

"Having been talking about this with many law firms for the last eight months, it is finally released. And it is no surprise that the CMA’s findings unequivocally endorse the whole purpose behind The Law Superstore.

For law firms who recognise the changing habits of consumers and clients and are smart in how they run and monitor their firms, enabling transparency, accessibility and choice, this report is great news. An open and transparent approach aligns with the CMA’s findings about what consumers really want and expect. Clearly progressive and transparent law firms have a land grab opportunity. But for those firms who refuse to be transparent, think clients will simply walk through the front door, charge whatever they want and do not ask clients for quality feedback, there will be difficult times ahead. The progressive law firm which utilises innovation will win, it’s as simple as that.

Those law firms I have met over the last 24 months who are fiercely opposed to The Law Superstore (the UK’s only true legal comparison website), may be interested to read the CMA’s comment “providers to engage with DCTs (digital comparison tools) - we are considering whether or not a mandatory requirement is necessary."

The Law Superstore is the UK’s first legal comparison website. It will launch to consumers in August 2016 and we are signing up Partners now. Visit our site to register:

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