The insurance industry did it the hard way – so we don’t have to

By Matthew Briggs In Legal News

Millions of people use comparison websites each year in the UK. They are renowned for being the quickest and most convenient way for customers to access products and services that meet the quality, price and convenience they demand.

From credit cards to cars, energy to holidays, comparison sites are an everyday part of life. And many businesses have benefitted hugely from this marketing channel in generating a consistent volume of leads month after month, year after year.

But the last decade can hardly be called a smooth ride for the biggest and most popular aggregation sites. And more than once, these platforms have been accused of misdemeanours – sometimes fairly and sometimes not. 

Upon announcing the launch of The Law Superstore last year, we have been delighted with the warm reception we have received within the legal industry. But as expected, there have been some pertinent questions raised in light of the reputation that precedes comparison engines.

It is entirely reasonable that legal professionals should wish to interrogate our proposition and gain a deeper understanding before jumping aboard – it is part of a legal professional’s skill set, after all.

For our part, the team at The Law Superstore have been as open and transparent as possible about our own service. And more than anything we have been at pains to point out that those issues that have plagued the likes of the “Big 4” insurance comparison sites (Compare the Market, Money Supermarket, Go Compare and Confused), will not be replicated in the legal sector.

In previous statements we have been banging the drum about the legal profession’s need to be proactive and willing to embrace digital disruption. But we must admit that if there is one advantage to being a latecomer to the comparison party, it is that the legal industry will now be able to avoid the pitfalls we have seen elsewhere.

Here are just a few examples of what we mean:

Keeping it like-for-like
In the early days of insurance comparison sites, it is true to say that there was a huge focus on price comparison. And one accusation levelled at the Big 4 was that quotations were not necessarily offering like-for-like quotes.

Indeed, BIBA, the British Insurance Brokers’ Association said: “They [comparison sites] have made it all about the price and not the cover.” 

While lowest headline prices masked any number of variables in terms of cover and excesses, we have taken every precaution to stop this from happening at The Law Superstore. The intelligent questions asked through our search engine will produce accurate results that meet customers’ specific requirements.

Making it about more than price
One of the most common queries we have had in recent weeks is about whether comparison sites result in a “race to the bottom” on price for service providers. In answer, we have been quick to emphasise that our offering is a “whole of market” comparison site with price being just one of a number of factors.

Complete impartiality
Another accusation leveled at the Big 4 comparison sites has surrounded a lack of impartiality and a bias towards those companies that paid them more. Just last year one comparison site blew the whistle on its biggest competitors for ‘hiding the cheapest energy deals’ in favour of those more willing to dig deep into their pockets. 

Our approach to this issue has been simple from the outset: there is no way a legal service provider can improve their ranking in our comparison table through any kind of financial incentive. We believe this is the best way to both reassure customers that they are able to find the best deal and to create a level playing field for all of our legal provider partners.

Trialling The Law Superstore is free for the first 250 legal service providers to become partners and now, all leads through our launch month are also completely free. To learn more visit or email our Legal Partner Director [email protected].

* This article was first posted on LinkedIn

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