The Law Superstore invited to CMA roundtable event discussing the findings of its interim report

By Lee Dixon In About TLS

The Law Superstore’s Matthew Briggs will be attending a roundtable event hosted by the Competition and Markets Authority to share his views and discuss possible solutions to the challenges facing the legal profession in light of its interim report.

The CMA recently published its interim report on the well-publicised study into legal services in England and Wales. In an effort to gauge the profession’s response and engage with stakeholders, the event to be held on Friday 16th September in London will provide a unique opportunity for a range of businesses to share their views.

The CMA hopes that by gathering feedback from a wide variety of stakeholders as they refine their analysis, it is possible to work towards what they term to be “remedies” to industry-wide problems.

Ahead of Friday’s event, Matthew said:

“I am delighted to have been invited to the CMA’s event as it both recognises the importance of what we at The Law Superstore have to offer over the coming months and years. Comparison websites were mentioned explicitly in the interim report and a growing number of bodies are calling for a more widespread adoption of the platform we can provide.

“There has been a mixed response the interim report thus far, and I anticipate a lively debate over many of the issues facing the legal sector. Some of the findings chime with our own research at The Law Superstore, while there are other points that we would challenge.

“Nevertheless it is crucial that the whole legal profession engages with this topic in order for us to move forward and progress.  Ultimately, everyone wishes to see a successful and thriving legal profession – one that works hard for customers and recognises the good work done by thousands of legal experts up and down the country.”

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