“The Law Superstore is the solution the legal profession has been waiting for”, Matthew Briggs tells the CMA stakeholder roundtable event.

By Lee Dixon In Legal News

At the recent “Stakeholder Roundtable and Remedies Workshop” hosted by the Competition and Markets Authority, The Law Superstore’s CEO, Matthew Briggs joined lawyers, regulators and industry influencers to address how the profession might move forward in light of the interim report.

Among the key themes discussed were the failure of the profession to deliver effective competition within the market, an innate lack of transparency from legal service providers and the need to facilitate a culture where consumers can shop around for the best deal.

The event not only brought together lawyers, barristers and representatives from the CMA, but also representatives from the SRA, Bar Standards Board and Legal Services Consumer Panel.

Of the event, Matthew says,

“Bringing together the stakeholders who have engaged with the CMA interim report is an important step in changing views within the industry. The calls for greater competition, transparency around pricing and the facility to publish customer reviews is growing. And at The Law Superstore we are keen to engage with these stakeholders and show them that the solution they are looking for arrived in August of this year.

Matthew continues:

“As those Partners who have already joined The Law Superstore will attest, there is now a ready-made website that works for both consumers and law firms. But what is becoming clear is that there are many firms who will simply not see eye-to-eye with the regulatory bodies because they fear independent reviews.

“What we now need to see are tougher measures that prevent legal service providers from ducking this issue. We have created a platform that caters for the complexity of legal cases and independently publishes client reviews to give consumers accurate feedback on customer service. But if the CMA want to see effective competition and true transparency around service and pricing, they must push through legislative reforms to make it happen.”

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