The Law Superstore: your most common questions answered part 1

By Matthew Briggs In About TLS

The Law Superstore is unlike any web platform currently on the market for the legal profession. In this post we’ll explain what’s so different about our real-time comparison site.

The Law Superstore is like all the other directories out there, isn’t it?

The Law Superstore is most definitely not a directory. The technology within our comparison platform goes beyond anything currently offered by legal directories and offers functionality more akin to the leading insurance comparison sites.

For legal service providers the result is better quality leads, greater flexibility, real-time control, and a more cost effective long-term business development tool. Multiple service providers are not required to contact customers in order to bid for work; customers are instead matched with partners on a one-to-one basis. The Law Superstore therefore delivers reliable leads to partners from customers who have outlined their requirement, compared providers and selected a firm. 

Search criteria such as quality, location, price, opening hours and languages can all be used to generate a refined comparison table – one that is shaped by the customer’s needs. 

Where The Law Superstore differs from directories is in the control offered to partners. Firms are able to turn services on and off at any time; amend pricing and develop pricing structures; manage information and track return on investment.

Don’t comparison sites just squeeze legal service providers on margin?

The Law Superstore’s primary function is to offer customers the opportunity to compare legal service providers based on quality. While pricing will play a role in a customer’s decision alongside location, opening hours and other search criteria, user-generated quality ratings are a core element of the comparison process.

If this concept seems somewhat alien, just take a look at the thousands of bookings now made every year through the likes of Tripadvisor – a site built on quality comparisons.

What is the ‘Access Gap’ in the legal profession?

According to the Legal Services Board, an estimated £5 billion of latent legal business goes untouched every year. While 50% of individuals will experience a legal issue at least once every three years, yet only 20% will use a lawyer. Similarly, 40% of SMEs typically experience legal issues every year, but only one in five seek advice from a professional lawyer.

In order to address this Access Gap, we have developed a cutting edge digital platform capable of offering customers greater convenience, transparency, choice and simplicity.

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