The Law Superstore: your most common questions answered part 2

By Matthew Briggs In About TLS

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Will The Law Superstore be based around those firms that pay the most rather than the best firm for the job?

Absolutely not. It is completely free for law firms to register and feature on The Law Superstore. Even more importantly, it is impossible for any firm to improve their ranking on our comparison table by paying for placement.

The Law Superstore is committed to providing a transparent, fair and user-friendly comparison platform – something we believe is beneficial for both customers and legal service providers.

Customers are able to utilise an Advanced Filter Search and refine their searches to meet their criteria.

Here’s an example of how the system might work:

A married woman is seeking advice on a divorce and separation matter. Her preference is to speak with a female solicitor, as she feels more comfortable discussing the matter with another woman. Due to rigid working hours and childcare commitments, she knows she will find it difficult to arrange a face-to-face appointment during normal working hours or at the weekend.

In this scenario, the client will be able to filter their search to find a firm that employs female solicitors and is open late on a weekday evening. The comparison table readjusts instantaneously to meet the requirements of the customer and provide the partner firm with a well-matched lead.

Why not just market my business through Google?

Many legal service providers currently utilise Google and other digital marketing channels to generate leads. But even the world’s largest search engine is not designed to produce instant like-for-like legal search results in one cohesive digital environment.

The Law Superstore utilises advanced matching techniques to connect customers with legal service providers, producing better quality leads than Google or any other search engine. While partners are charged referral fees (PI cases aside), this single, transparent cost can be significantly less than the combined charge of a PPC or SEO campaign.

As a bespoke open source platform that has been built from the ground up, The Law Superstore represents the UK’s only real-time whole of market legal services aggregator. Millions of lines of code have been created and thousands of complex algorithms used to get us to where we are today.

The Law Superstore is not mutually exclusive from other digital marketing channels, however, and can be utilised as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. Registering with The Law Superstore does not prevent a company’s website from being picked up on Google rankings or being used in Pay-per-click campaigns.

Why bother creating a partner profile?

An important aspect of The Law Superstore’s functionality is to provide firms with a virtual shop window. Partners are able to showcase their qualities and sell directly to a potential customer. As with any online platform, your digital space is what you make of it and we would encourage partners to look at how posting good content such as customer testimonials can benefit them.

Providing the information supplied is accurate and lawful, a partner is free to promote their credentials to the individuals and businesses looking for legal services.

For our part, we are concerned with making TLS a transparent and open aggregator. This means that the only information we generate on behalf of our partners is the quality rating determined by customer feedback. 

What should partners know about referral fees?

The Law Superstore charges partners when pre-qualified enquiries are delivered to them. The only exception to this is in Personal Injury and Motoring Offence cases, which will be subject to a different marketing fee mechanism to comply with current legislation.

Isn’t The Law Superstore run by Winn Solicitors?

The Law Superstore is an independent business within Winn Holding Ltd. It has received financial backing from JZI and Souter Investments.

Winn Solicitors Ltd. is not currently a partner firm of The Law Superstore, and should it apply to join in the future, it will be subject to the same vetting criteria as any other legal service provider in the UK.  




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