What is the ‘access gap’ and what does that have to do with TLS?

By Matthew Briggs In About TLS

The Law Superstore’s Matthew Briggs explains how the ‘access gap’ is both an opportunity for the legal profession, and also a sign that the industry needs to evolve to meet the changing buying habits of clients.

The access gap is essentially people who don’t use law firms when they should. This applies to individual clients as well as business clients.

The size of that latent market is significant and, while it is difficult to put a specific figure on it, the Legal Services Board (LSB) and other legal commentators have said as recently as March 2016 that it runs into the several billions of pounds annually.

The latent market is really made up of people who don’t use lawyers when they should because they are afraid or fearful of solicitors. Their concerns can relate to issues such as: where to find lawyers, the price they are going to charge, fear of an hourly rate and how the cost may eventually exceed the initial quote. People may also be worried about lawyers using language that they don’t understand.

The Law Superstore hopes and aims to address the reasons and key barriers why prospective clients don’t use lawyers. The platform offers transparency on pricing and allows them to search the criteria that are important to them and make an informed decision on what is right for them.

Added to this is the convenience of clients being able to use their smartphone, tablet or desktop computer – be it at 10 p.m. or 3 a.m. It is fully accessible and plays towards the rapidly changing digital landscape. Essentially, The Law Superstore platform enables accessibility at any time – day or night.

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