Why does the legal profession need a comparison website?

By Matthew Briggs In About TLS

The Law Superstore’s Matthew Briggs explains why it is time for the legal profession to embrace the benefits of a legal comparison website.

There is a lot of talk regarding digital disruption in the legal sector. I get asked a lot of questions by lawyers and solicitors asking, “When is it going to happen and what will it look like?”

The reality is that it has already happened. It is deeply embedded in other markets already, and society now recognises that digital accessibility is the norm. For a sector that is as wide and as important as the legal sector not to embrace the digital transformation is, for me, a big mistake.

The legal market now needs to embrace digital routes to market and consider how it uses online technology to attract clients. This is one of the key reasons behind the development of The Law Superstore.

There was a lot of talk back in 2005 when the insurance aggregators came onto the market; there was a lot of resistance from insurers and insurance brokers saying that they would never feature on insurance comparison sites. At the time, they felt they didn’t need a comparison site as they had their own routes to market and their own brand presence.

Compare that to where we stand now, ten years on. Nearly every single insurer features on a legal comparison site. So much so that some of those insurers have had to build their own separate digital brands as differentiators so they can feature with aggregators to make sure they are reaching out to those customers who now expect them to feature on them comparison websites.

We see our role as being very similar to those insurance aggregators. In the same way that I witnessed a resistance from insurers in 2005, we are again seeing a certain amount of resistance and trepidation from legal service providers to join a legal comparison site. All I would say to them is, look where we are now in the insurance market and look at how similar themes and trends are evolving in the legal market. My point is: embrace this. It is already happening, come on board and we will give you future proof access to new cases.

People who have a legal requirement do not seek legal advice for a whole range of reasons. Some people are afraid of using lawyers and solicitors. They don’t understand the language legal service providers use, they are worried that legal services can be expensive and that there will be a lack of transparency around the pricing.

The Law Superstore has been built to break down those barriers, to make legal services more accessible to the client and informed clients more access to legal service providers.

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