I'm disabled. How will a legal service provider cater for my needs?

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Like many other organisations, institutions and businesses, legal service providers have a responsibility to remove barriers that may prohibit someone with a disability from accessing legal support. Let’s take a closer look at how solicitors are required to make reasonable adjustments to meet the needs of disabled clients, and how The Law Superstore can help anyone with a disability to find the right solicitor for them.

People with disabilities are protected and granted access to justice under UK Equality Act 2010, EU law and the United Nations' Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). Under The Equality Act 2010, reasonable adjustments should be made to ensure that the disabled do not experience restrictions in relation to education, employment, housing, goods, services, associations or private clubs. Importantly, disabled individuals should never be asked to pay for these adjustments to be made.  

All public use buildings, including solicitors’ offices are required to comply with accessibility standards for the physically disabled. Similarly, all legal communications should be made available in alternative formats, with assistance granted where necessary.

So what exactly does this mean?

Accessibility standards may be met by providing suitable disabled parking, which will minimise the distance an individual needs to travel in order to reach their destination. This may require a legal service provider to install ramps, lifts or suitable ground-floor meeting rooms for client appointments to accommodate those with a disability. Disabled toilets, wide passageways and appropriate signage are all considerations that may be taken into account.

Under such circumstances, you can simply check the “disabled access” box using The Law Superstore’s advanced filters.

Alternative formats for legal documents, contracts and other notification are often required for those with a visual or aural impairment. This entitles clients to receive communications in braille, sign language or plain language if necessary and to the benefit of the client. The law was designed to protect those who may risk being misinformed or not informed about a legal matter at all due to a disability.

Under such circumstances, you can simply check either the “Hearing Aid Loop” or “Sign Language” box using The Law Superstore’s advanced filters.

By using the advanced filters provided on The Law Superstore’s comparison table, it is possible to tailor your search results to your individual needs and preferences. Should your prefer a home visit or video conferencing service from your legal service provider due to a disability or mobility issue, simply check the corresponding boxes on the drop-down menu to view only legal experts able to meet your requirements.

The Law Superstore provide filters for “Home Visits” or “Skype/Video Conferencing”.

If you prefer to meet with a solicitor face-to-face on their premises but are only be able to visit on a weekend when you can be assisted by a friend or family member, you can likewise check the disabled access and the weekend opening hours options to find legal service providers able to accommodate you.

Tailor search results by checking the “Saturday” or “Open After 5” filter on The Law Superstore

Getting the proper representation is especially important for those with conditions such as Alzheimer's or dementia. These cases are likely to be extremely sensitive, particularly if the client has engaged the legal service provider to help them draft a will under the condition that they are in sound mind and capable of making their own decisions. Any solicitor dealing with these conditions should be expected to demonstrate competence and experience in such cases.

Tailor search results by checking the “Dementia Friendly” filter on The Law Superstore

The Law Superstore’s advanced filters include an option for “Dementia Friendly” cases, provided by legal experts who have specific qualifications and accreditations in this field.

In total, The Law Superstore enables users to filter their search results based on 40 different criteria. So, whether you require communications in braille, a text relay service, home visits or wheelchair access, you can be sure to find the right legal service provider with our help.

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