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Since our launch in August 2016, one of the most commonly asked questions here at The Law Superstore is whether we charge website users a fee for using our intelligent comparison platform.

The answer is: No.

Like many of the most successful comparison websites and aggregation platforms in sectors such as the insurance, energy and travel markets, we offer a service that is entirely free to members of the public who want to find legal service providers.

The Law Superstore charges no finder’s fees directly to website visitors, nor do we hide costs that are attached to your bill at the end of the comparison process. Instead, we work closely with our national network of legal service providers and charge them a small fee for the cases they receive via our website.

Why don’t providers hike up their prices on your site?
As the first real-time comparison website of its kind for the legal profession, The Law Superstore represents a quicker and more efficient marketing tool than many of our legal service providers are used to. This cost-effective solution means they are able to acquire cases without much of the expenditure they are used to – such as costly advertising, publicity work or even hosting networking events. This means that they see a healthier return on investment and can offer their most competitive prices on our platform.

If you have ever used a comparison website to buy your home or car insurance you will have noticed that it is often cheaper to by through a 3rd party website than to go direct to an insurance company. The same can be said for The Law Superstore.

We are proud to say that we are helping to offer greater choice and transparency on pricing than has ever been seen before in the legal profession. With thousands of prices listed on our website, you won’t find anywhere better to compare quotes for legal services.

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