The Law Superstore loves fixed fees. Here’s why you should too

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Nobody likes uncertainty. And this is particularly true when it comes to uncertainty over pricing. As any consumer will tell you, the thought of going to the till in a shop to buy goods without knowing the cost can be an unnerving thing. After all, very few of us have the luxury of being able to say that money is no object.

That’s why we love fixed fees at The Law Superstore. We understand that you want to know what your service will cost from day one and we’ve made it easy for legal experts to provide instant quotes for work without needing to waste time awaiting a callback to discuss your case at length.

We now live in a fast-paced online world where consumers are used to having prices available for their holidays, insurance and energy at the touch of a button. For those time-poor people in urgent need of legal support, fixed fees make it possible to find and compare legal service providers with ease through The Law Superstore. 

Uncertainty scares consumers                                                                             
Having carried out extensive research into the general public’s perception of the legal profession, we know that hourly rates and the fear of escalating costs is one of the most common reasons why people simply aren’t buying legal services when they need them. That is why The Law Superstore is an advocate for fixed fee services.

While it must be said that some services are simply too complex in nature to tie down to one single upfront cost, there are also many services that can be quoted for in advance.

Fixed fees offer consumers transparency and clarity, making it easier to choose a legal service and compare legal service providers side-by-side. In short: people know what they are getting for their money.

From conveyancing to will writing; employment contracts to company formations, many law firms on The Law Superstore now provide a fixed price for what is known as a Scope of Work – a detailing of precise service provision based on the answers a site user gives to some straightforward qualifying questions.

Fixed fees offer peace of mind
Individuals often require legal services in order to resolve stressful and challenging problems. For example, a matter such as divorce proceedings can leave you overwhelmed and feeling at a loss. During such times it is important that these issues are not compounded by fears of spiraling legal costs.

Knowing how much you will be expected to pay for your legal support can help you to budget for the future, while also preventing further uncertainty from creeping into your life.

Due to the complexity and varied nature of some legal matters, the Law Superstore also offers a number of other pricing models where fixed fees are not possible.

These include:

Fixed fees with capped hours
A legal service provider commits to undertaking work on a fixed fee basis to deliver an agreed service. Should the complexity of the case or any unforeseen circumstances mean that more time is required, once the hours cap is reached, the client is required to pay at an hourly rate from that point forward.

No win no fee
No win no fee pricing is a common feature of dispute services such as personal injury claims and other compensation claims. Under these terms, a legal service provider is paid some of their compensation if they win their case. If the client loses their case, the legal service provider does not receive any remuneration for their services.

Hourly rate
While The Law Superstore encourages providers to offer fixed fees where possible, there are some services that they are only able to offer on an hourly rate basis.

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