Frequently asked questions

How does The Law Superstore work?

You choose the legal service you require, answer a few questions on our quote form and we will send you an email link to your quotes. You'll then be able to choose from different legal service providers, do more research or speak to them directly.

How much does it cost to use The Law Superstore?

It is free to find a legal service provider on The Law Superstore. We do not charge customers for using our website.

How long does it take to get a quote?

You should receive your email within a couple of minutes - you just need to answer a few quick questions so we can match you with the right service.

How can I contact The Law Superstore?

Visit our Contact Us page for general enquiries, press enquiries or career opportunities. You can also use our chat feature.

What if I have chosen the wrong service?

If you realise you are searching for the wrong legal service while answering the qualifying questions, simply return to the homepage and select the correct service for your needs.

If you discover that you have chosen the wrong service once contacted by the legal service provider, you may choose to renegotiate your agreement with the firm for the service you do require or simply perform another search through The Law Superstore.

I want to use a local lawyer - can I use The Law Superstore for this?

The Law Superstore gives clients access to a national network of legal service providers. Once you have answered the qualifying questions for your chosen service, you may filter results by location to find the nearest legal expert to you.

I don't live in England or Wales - can I use The Law Superstore?

Unfortunately we do not currently cover any territories outside England and Wales.

What do you do with my details?

Your details are passed on to the legal service providers in order for them to provide a quote. For more information, check our privacy policy.

Do I have to give my email address?

We validate our quotes for security, so you need to have access to an email address in order to receive your quote.