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Reach new clients and revenue streams with innovative and sophisticated digital marketing


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Maintain full control of your brand, services, budgets and volume all through one clear and intuitive user interface

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It’s free to feature, so join now and attract new pre-qualified and eligible clients through a range of comparison criteria including quality, location, unique service features and price. Enjoy Partner benefits unavailable anywhere else.

Pre-qualified clients

Connect with pre-qualified clients

National coverage

Reach new clients on a local and national basis

Flexible pricing

Set and adjust your own prices – and not just fixed fees

Detailed MI

Extensive real time data to monitor and improve your performance

Cost effective

Generate new business with a measurable return on investment

Easy to use

The intuitive platform is simple to use and gives you complete control of your listings

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Read our helpful guides to converting more leads, finding new customers and building a brand with The Law Superstore.

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12 categories covering 130+ legal services

  • Property icon


    • Property Ownership icon

      Property Ownership

      • Buying a Property

      • Selling a Property

      • Buying & Selling a Property

      • Remortgaging a Property

    • Leases icon


      • Lease Extension (Landlord)

      • Lease Extension (Tenant)

      • Enfranchisement

    • Equity Matters icon

      Equity Matters

      • Equity Release

      • Equity Transfer

    • Disputes icon


      • Possession Claims

      • Tenancy Disputes (for Landlord)

      • Tenancy Disputes (for Tenant)

  • Family icon


    • Break up Advice icon

      Break up Advice

      • Starting Divorce Proceedings

      • Respond to a Divorce Petition

      • Cohabitation Breakdown

      • Domestic Violence

      • Family Mediation

      • Civil Partnership Breakdown

    • Children Advice icon

      Children Advice

      • Parental Responsibility

      • Child Residency & Contact

      • Child Abduction

      • Child Holiday Arrangements

      • Other Child Issues

    • Relationship Advice icon

      Relationship Advice

      • Prenup / Postnup Advice

      • Gender Recognition Advice

      • Cohabitation Advice

  • Wills & Probate icon

    Wills & Probate

  • Personal Injury icon

    Personal Injury

    • Accidents icon


      • Road Traffic Accident Claim

      • Accidents at Work Claim

      • Accidents in a Public Place Claim

      • Accidents and Illness Abroad Claim

    • Medical Negligence icon

      Medical Negligence

      • Misdiagnosis Claim

      • Negligent Treatment Claim

      • Prescribing Errors Claim

      • Other Medical Negligence Claim

    • Industrial Disease icon

      Industrial Disease

      • Industrial Deafness Claim

      • Asbestos Related Disease Claim

      • Vibration White Finger Claim

      • Other Industrial Diseases Claim

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