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The Law Superstore is now looking for forward thinking legal service providers to join our panel.


Developed in conjunction with feedback from members of the legal profession, we have collated and answered a number of the most frequently asked questions to further clarify how The Law Superstore works.

How do I become a Partner?

  1. Confirm your details here to register.
  2. We will run our objective vetting process, which may take up to 3 working days.
  3. If you meet our criteria, we will send you all information required to join our panel of Partners, including contracts.
  4. Return your signed contract and direct debit mandate.
  5. We will provide you with log in details, to allow you to upload your pricing and profile information.

How does The Law Superstore assess the quality of their Partners?

The Law Superstore objectively assesses all of our Partners prior to and during their membership on the panel. If you fail to meet the criteria set by us, you will be unable to join our panel. This is to ensure that our Partners provide and maintain a high quality service.

Our vetting process includes the following checks:

  • Regulatory Authority checks
  • Credit checks (no footprint on your credit history)
  • SRA Solicitors Records checks
  • Legal Ombudsman Decision Data

How much does it cost to become a The Law Superstore Partner?

The Law Superstore is free to feature.

We will only charge you when we deliver you a pre-qualified client for all business related categories and for Family, Employment, Property, Wills/Probate, Money Matter and Disputes.

Please note that we have a different charging mechanism for the Personal Injury and Motor Offence categories, which ensures all parties are compliant with the regulations in these specific areas.

For more pricing information, please fill in the form below.

Are there any geographical restrictions?

Unfortunately, yes. To begin with, The Law Superstore can only offer a full comparison service to clients in England and Wales.

In time we will offer a full service to Scotland and Northern Ireland but will be happy to discuss potential opportunities with Partners in those locations.

What features are available in the “Partner Area” of the site?

The Partner Area is where you will have a complete overview and control of your activity. You can action cases, amend your profile and pricing strategy and view management information providing you with complete confidence and control, whilst enabling you to maximise your productivity.

  • Dashboard – An overview of new cases and productivity data
  • Lead Manager – A searchable and filterable list of all your current and past leads
  • Service Manager – Choose the services you wish to offer and amend and promote pricing
  • Reports – View useful information about service performance in order to review your productivity and amend your strategy
  • Account – Amend your personal details and update your company profile
  • Notifications – If changes are made by The Law Superstore regarding services or pricing, then you will receive a notification in this section and via email

How does The Law Superstore display my business?

Your company will have its own profile page, similar to a social media profile. This is populated and maintained by you (subject to our oversight) giving you full control over what you display to potential clients.

You are free to edit your profile as you wish (within format and Regulatory guidelines) in order to create a bio, upload your logo and highlight your specific client benefits.

How do I receive new business?

You will receive a notification that you have received a lead via email and within your Partner Area dashboard. You can then log in to your account to view the details or export your list of new cases so that you can distribute them inside your business.

How do I know I am receiving a quality lead that I can convert?

The clients user journey from the home screen, through the qualifying question to the comparison table has been carefully designed to ensure that clients select and understand the service that they require, and are accurately presented with a choice of relevant Partners.

Before they commit, clients are able to compare services and legal service providers on a like-for-like basis across several criteria such as location, quality rating, other attributes and price.

Once the client chooses to proceed, the notification is instantly transmitted to you, requesting you to log in to your dashboard to receive the information and to allow you to have an informed conversation with the client immediately.

There is mention of fixed pricing. What if we don’t offer fixed prices?

No problem – While our market research has shown that fixed pricing is generally preferred by clients, we know that it is not always possible. Within your Partner Area, you are provided with the flexibility to choose different pricing structures per service and service complexity, including:

  • Fixed price
  • Fixed price with capped hours
  • Hourly rate
  • No win no fee
  • To be confirmed

What do you mean by level of service complexity?

We know that not all cases are the same and various factors can affect the amount of time and expertise required. We have therefore split each service into 3 available complexities – High, Medium and Low.

After the client chooses the service they require, they answer a number of quick fire questions prior to the comparison screen which calculates the overall complexity of a case. The client is then shown a list of relevant Partners who offer a price for that service at that particular complexity.

Each level of complexity has an associated scope of work which indicates the level of work that will be involved, allowing you to more accurately calculate your pricing level.

You can choose which complexities to populate a price for and choose different prices against each complexity. So, for example, you may choose to only offer prices against high and medium complexity cases, and would therefore not appear on the list of results for any low complexity cases.

Who decides on the scope of work?

The Law Superstore has worked with a team of barristers and solicitors to standardise the scopes of work available. Scopes of work will be available to you and the clients in order to promote transparency.

Does The Law Superstore create a “race to the bottom” when it comes to pricing?

No. The Law Superstore empowers clients to search and select legal service providers using a number of different criteria such as location, quality rating and price. Other attributes can also be filtered into a client’s search such as languages spoken, extended opening hours or online client service capabilities.

The information provided to the client is designed to enable them to make an informed decision about what represents best value based on their overall requirements, not simply on the price.

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