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A will is a legal document detailing how you wish arrangements to be made for your funeral, your estate and any dependants. Instantly compare costs for drafting a will from our panel of approved legal experts.

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What else you might like to know about Draft Individual Will

Browse our FAQ’s to understand what things need to be taken into account when drafting a will. Here is some basic advice and guidance to help you to understand what’s involved and inform your choice of legal service provider.

Why do I need a will?

Making a will lets you leave clear instructions about how your money and possessions are to be shared out when you die. If you have children under 18, a will allows you to appoint a legal guardian to look after them. Making a will can also ensure that you do not pay more Inheritance Tax than you need to. A legal service provider will provide you with expert advice about the best options for you.  

What happens if I don’t have a will?

If you die without a will, you have no say in what happens to your money and possessions. Your estate will be divided according to special rules and may go to people you did not want to benefit. It is vital that you take advice expert from a legal service provider to ensure that your wishes are carried out.

What If I want to draft my own will?

Trying to make your own will without legal assistance can lead to mistakes and may mean that your will is not valid. This could lead to your money going to the wrong people and to conflict

What if I just want to amend a will?

You should review your will regularly and also after any major change in your life. If you want to make small amendments to your will, your legal service provider will produce a document to amend the will that you need to sign and have witnessed in the same way as a will. For major changes, a new will may be required.  

How long does it take to draw up a will?

A legal service provider will usually be able to draft a will in a fairly short space of time depending on the complexity. A straightforward will could be drafted and signed within 1 to 2 weeks.

What should I look for in a legal service provider?

It is important that to choose legal service provider with the right expertise when it comes to drafting a will. An experienced legal expert will be able to put you at ease and help you to think about how best to take care of your loved ones.


By answering a few short questions and using the advanced filters on our comparison table, you can be confident in finding a legal service provider suited to your needs.

What will it cost me to have a will drawn up?

Most legal service providers will offer a fixed fee quote for drafting a will. Prices may vary depending on how complex your will is likely to be.

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