Administer an Estate

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If you believe you are in a position to administer the estate for the deceased, a legal expert will help you apply for a grant of representation and assist you in distributing the estate. Here is some basic guidance to inform your choice of legal expert. 

How do I apply to administer an estate?

If you are named as an executor in the deceased person’s will, you can apply for the legal right to deal with the estate. If there is no will and you are one of the deceased person’s next of kin, you can also apply for the right to deal with the estate. A legal service provider can assist with either type of application and can deal with the administration of the estate on your behalf. 

What are the duties involved in administering an estate?

Your legal services provider will carry out the duties of administering the estate on your behalf. These include paying any inheritance tax, collecting in the assets of the estate and paying any debts. Finally, your legal services provider will share out the remaining estate in line with the will or the intestacy rules if there is no will.   

How can I choose the best legal service provider?

It is worth considering a number of factors when choosing a legal expert to assist with your probate application. You may wish to consider factors such as the location, reputation and cost of a firm before making your decision.


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What pricing structure can I expect?

A legal service provider is likely to offer fixed or hourly rates to administer an estate depending on the complexity of the estate. Find the best solution for you by comparing costs with The Law Superstore now. 

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Administer an Estate

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