Why partner with The Law Superstore

If you’re a legal professional looking to increase your client-base, try online lead generation, or boost business growth, The Law Superstore offers an intelligent way to connect with new clients.

1. No hidden charges, no contracts

When you join The Law Superstore, you’ll find no sign-up fees, no minimum-term contract, and no minimum spend. We believe in openness and putting you firmly in control. If prices ever change, you’ll always be notified at least 28 days in advance.

Your personal dashboard offers a transparent overview of costs based on your subscription. And if you decide you don’t want to generate any more online leads for your firm, you won’t have to pay a cancellation fee either.

2. Get 40 free leads on us

Start a free trial. You’ll be able to get a real feel for the platform and how it’ll help you compete locally and nationally to find more clients.

You’ll get your first 40 leads for free - any service, any category, any location. No catch.

You’ll have all the details you need to start contacting and converting leads into clients as soon as possible. We’ll advise you on what a good conversion rate looks like, and your personal account manager will give you tips for success.

All our leads are verified and answer a short questionnaire that matches them with legal experts (like you) who are tailor-made to solve their problems.


3. Personalise offerings to meet business goals

Whatever your business objectives, The Law Superstore can help you meet them. The platform features over 130 different legal services – and you can choose to be featured for as many or as few as you like.

You’ll also have total control over coverage. This means marketing yourself in any location, whether it’s a 10-mile radius from your offices, or the whole of England and Wales. Should you find yourself swimming in leads, you can easily turn off lead acquisition while you deal with your new clients.

So, when you’re looking to unlock new revenue streams or branch out into a new location, you can easily manage and make adjustments that align with all your goals. Test where opportunities exist across different services. With the flexibility of no minimum-term contract and a 40-lead free trial, you’re free to see where investments are worth making.

4. Add a new digital marketing avenue

A strong online presence is essential to stay competitive in the legal sector. As high-street drop-ins become less reliable, you need to get in front of audiences in new ways – and that means getting online.

When you partner with us, you’ll have a new way to attract clients without all the cost and hassle of Google Ads, Search Engine Optimisation, Facebook campaigns and the like.

Our platform puts you in front of clients actually searching for the services you provide.

You’re able to create a great first impression with links to your website and online review sites, and an introductory bio – clients tell us that forming a ‘human connection’ is critical when choosing a legal expert, so we help you do just that.

Behind the scenes, you’ll use your dashboard to find, segment, and target different leads. We’ll even help obtain reviews from leads that can be used to persuade others to select your firm over the competition.
Because of this, your marketing budget can be spent on reaching the people you most want to reach (and those who want you to reach them).

Make new connections

Discover how you can become even more competitive in your industry.

Since we started, we’ve been committed to creating meaningful relationships between professionals and clients through simplified, targeted access to legal services.

Begin your free trial today and count the ways The Law Superstore can help you succeed.