Professional Negligence Disputes

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What else you might like to know about Professional Negligence Disputes

If your business finds itself in a professional negligence dispute and direct contact has failed to solve the issue, seeking the help of a legal service provider should be your next step. Here is some basic guidance to inform your choice of legal expert. 

What is a professional negligence dispute?

Professional negligence can take many different forms. It may refer to an individual or a company pursuing another individual or organisation for compensation on the basis of mistakes or failure to act in the claimant’s best interest.


The defendant may be accused of doing something wrong or failing to act when they should have.

Can I claim for losses?

You can make a professional negligence claim for losses within six years of the event. This time frame may be extended if the negligence did not come to light until later. However, you must be able to demonstrate that a loss has been suffered due to actual negligent behaviour (such as a breach of the duty of care) rather than uncontrollable factors such as adverse market conditions. 

How can mediation help?

Mediation should be the first legal step towards resolving a dispute between individuals or professional bodies. A mediator can liaise with both parties and act as representative in order to reach an agreement or settlement without the need for court proceedings. 

What sort of legal fees can I expect?

Professional negligence mediation services may be offered to clients on an hourly rate basis. Alternatively some legal service providers may offer a fixed fee with capped hours pricing structure. 

How can I find the best legal service provider?

It is worth considering a number of factors when choosing a legal expert to handle a professional negligence dispute. Location will be an important factor in any mediation service, as will the reputation and cost of a firm. It is also important that you trust your legal expert to act in your best interests and provide you with sound advice.


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Professional Negligence Disputes

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