Policy Disputes

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What else you might like to know about Policy Disputes

If your business finds itself in an insurance policy dispute with a provider over a pay out, seeking the help of a legal service provider should be your next step. Here is some basic advice and guidance to inform your choice of legal expert. 

What are the most common policy disputes?

Policy disputes most commonly arise when an insurance provider refuses to honour a claim that has been made under a policy. One of the most common causes of policy disputes arises in relation to damage to a commercial property. 

When can I make a policy dispute claim?

If you believe your business is being unfairly denied the protection that should be afforded to you in the terms of your insurance policy then you should seek to appoint an expert legal service provider and gather your relevant documentation. 

How can a legal expert help?

A legal expert will examine both your policy to determine whether or not the business has a valid claim and whether the insurance provider is acting unfairly. They will then advise you on the next steps to take in pursuing your claim. This may include reaching a settlement between parties or, in more serious cases, result in court proceedings. 

How should I choose a legal service provider?

When choosing a legal service provider you should look to appoint a professional with adequate experience in business policy disputes. You may wish to consider existing client reviews and ratings, as well as factors such as location, reputation and cost of a firm before making your decision.


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What pricing structures can I expect?

Legal service providers typically charge on an hourly rate basis for dealing with policy dispute matters. 

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Policy Disputes

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