Finance Disputes

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What else you might like to know about Finance Disputes

If shareholders of a business are in dispute over company finances, it is important to consult an experienced legal service provider to help resolve the situation. Here is some basic advice and guidance to inform your choice of legal expert. 

What are the most common finance disputes?

Financial disputes typically include disagreements over company profits or incomes and outgoing money paid to third parties. Finance disputes cover a wide range of topics and may have a number of implications for a business. 

Who is usually involved in a finance dispute?

As finance disputes involve the running of a company or business and the way it handles its money, they usually involve shareholders. However, disputes may also involve or implicate a business’s employees – including senior management teams and directors. 

How can a legal service provider help during a finance dispute?

A legal service provider may be able to provide mediation between shareholders or shareholders and the senior management in the event of a finance dispute. They can also examine company finances to look for any foul play or wrongdoing. 

What are the implications of a financial dispute?

The outcomes of a finance dispute are hugely varied and most businesses require an experienced legal service provider to offer the correct guidance and advice to proceed with a case. 

How should I choose the best legal service provider?

Finance claims can be complex and protracted matters. You may wish to take into consideration a number of factors such as location, cost and the size of a firm before engaging with a legal service provider. However, the most important factor in such a claim is to gain the services of a legal expert that can offer the necessary expertise and customer service.


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What pricing structure can I expect?

The time and resources required for handling a finance dispute varies significantly from case to case. As a result, legal service providers typically handle cases on an hourly rate basis. 

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Finance Disputes

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