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What else you might like to know about Company Secretary Services

If you have formed a company but do not have the resources or expertise in-house for the role of company secretary, a legal service provider is well placed to occupy this role. Here is some basic guidance to inform your choice of legal expert.

What is a company secretary responsible for?

A company secretary is considered to be the chief administrative officer of a business, responsible for many legal and financial aspect of a company. A company secretary helps to ensure compliance with the latest legislation and guidelines, and is also frequently responsible for the introduction of new policies in the workplace.

What specialist knowledge is required of a company secretary?

Company secretaries are required to have knowledge of the legal and financial systems that directly affect a business and the wider industry. The role of company secretary empowers an individual to enter into contracts on the business’s behalf and so excellent judgment and good decision-making skills are essential.

Does the company secretary require specific qualifications?

No. There are no formal qualifications required to take up the role of company secretary for a private companies. There are typically more strict rules and regulations implemented for a public company, however.

How can I choose the best legal expert?

You may wish to consider the reputation, location, cost and size of a legal service provider before approaching them to take on company secretary duties.


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What pricing structures can I expect?

A legal service provider will typically charge on a fixed fee or fixed fee with capped hours basis for company secretary services.

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Company Secretary Services

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