Finding your perfect legal match


Whether you are an individual or a business, building a strong relationship with your legal service provider can prove to be invaluable. While a good rapport is something that is difficult to quantify, it can make a huge difference if you are a parent going through a divorce, a business owner handling an intellectual property dispute or a family member applying for probate.

Being comfortable with your legal representative may take time but, as a starting point, you should also look to find a provider that you believe best suits your needs. To do this it is worth focusing on a list of important criteria in order to find an expert that offers quality, convenience and value for money.

This can be done quickly and easily using The Law Superstore’s advanced filters. In this article we explain how and why you may wish to tailor your search results to show only those firms that are best matched to your requirements.

Is distance an issue for you?
At the most basic level, you should consider whether your legal matter requires face-to-face meetings and, therefore, whether your proximity to a legal professional’s offices is relevant.

Similarly, you may prefer to conduct all meetings with your legal service provider on your own premises  or have a disability that makes home visits necessary. On this basis, you may only want to consider legal service providers who can travel to you.


Search results returned by The Law Superstore can be filtered by proximity by clicking on the “Nearest” tab, while checking the “Home Visits” box will refine results to show only legal service providers who offer this facility.

Are you more comfortable speaking to a male or female legal expert?
In some cases, you may prefer to instruct a legal service provider of a particular gender. Your legal needs can often relate to a deeply personal set of events and circumstances then it is important that you can talk freely, comfortably and easily with your solicitor, and in many scenarios talking to a member of the same sex can make this easier for clients, just as it would be when consulting a doctor or medical professional. For example, if you are a woman seeking legal advice in relation to a case of domestic abuse you might feel more comfortable sharing your experience with another female. 

Under such circumstances, you can simply check either the “Female Practitioners” or “Male Practitioners” box using The Law Superstore’s advanced filters.

Getting around language barriers
It goes without saying that you and your legal expert should be on the same page as each other. But in cases where there may be a language barrier this can be difficult. Spoken language should never prevent you from gaining access to justice, which is why many legal service providers make arrangements to accommodate clients who prefer to converse in another language. This is also applicable to clients who are deaf or hard of hearing and require a sign language interpreter.

Get tailored results by choosing from the list of available languages on The Law Superstore’s advanced filter menu.

Catering for mental conditions
It may be necessary to find a solicitor with a proven history of working on behalf of those with conditions such as dementia or other forms of memory loss. Dementia and other mental conditions can prove to be extremely sensitive, demanding trust between parties where clients may often feel vulnerable.

In such cases, it is important that a solicitor has experience of working under such conditions in order to judge whether or not a client is of sound mind and able to make the necessary decisions. Many legal firms seek specific training to gain specialist accreditation for just such a case.

Tailor search results by checking the “Dementia Friendly” filter on The Law Superstore

These are just some of the filters available to users on The Law Superstore. If you have a legal need, find and compare the very best legal service providers today.