The benefits of flexible business legal support

As the gig economy has boomed, consumers have become used to being able to access fast, flexible services tailored to their specific needs at an affordable price. And this is no different for businesses looking to access legal support. 

For the thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) around the country with tight cashflow and a desire to run their businesses lean, the idea of specialist, pay-as-you-go legal support is an appealing one.

While there is often the temptation to go “DIY legal” for contracts, company agreements and disputes, getting legal assistance at the right time and the right price can save on in-house time and resources, and safeguard the future of an enterprise. Template contracts and informal negotiations may seem more straightforward and cost-effective in the short-term but they can also fail to protect a business in the longer term. As businesses evolve over time, their requirements change and the agreements they make can become dated and unfit for purpose.

How legal experts can help your business

When it comes to legal issues, prevention is always better than cure. Legal experts can help a business identify future legal problems and take the appropriate steps to protect a business from any danger on the horizon. Should a business fall foul of a legal dispute, the cost of legal representation could be many times that of drafting a legal contract or document in the first instance.

Many of the legal service providers featured on The Law Superstore offer straightforward business legal services on a fixed fee basis. This enables companies to get a clearer picture of the costs they are likely to incur for any given service.

By answering a series of short questions and comparing legal service providers from the comparison table, an SME can be confident that they are getting value for money and quality every time they purchase a service.

Learn from initial consultations

As any entrepreneur or business owner will tell you, running a growing business is a constant learning process. From finance to staff management, HR to sales and marketing, there is always something to learn.

Understanding the legal aspects of a business is no different and even for those who aren’t sure how a legal expert can help them, it is often worth taking advantage of an initial consultation to better understand the pros and cons of particular services.

Consultations with legal experts can be particularly important in relation to matters of compliance, intellectual property and employment law (where it is essential to stay up to date on the latest regulation and legislation changes).

When searching for and comparing legal service providers through The Law Superstore, you will find that many firms offer an initial consultation. This meeting allows you to meet your legal service provider and decide whether you wish to proceed with the full scope of work.



Steve Clark

Steve creates helpful guides for The Law Superstore. He enjoys digging deep into new areas of the law, supporting partners, and translating legalese and jargon into plain English everyone can understand.