How Much Does Power of Attorney Cost?

So, you’ve decided to make a Power of Attorney. Now comes the tricky part: how much will it all cost?

Last updated: January 10th 2024

How much does Power of Attorney cost?

Expect to pay anywhere from £100 to £1000 for your Power of Attorney.

The full cost will depend upon several factors:
  • How you make it

Most people ask a solicitor to make their Power of Attorney – that way, they know it’s accurate and legally valid. However, it’s cheaper (but riskier) to write your own using a DIY template. You can pick these up for about £20.
  • How many documents you need

There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), and each must be written and registered separately. Solicitors also often offer package deals when getting Power of Attorney for a couple.
  • How complex your LPA is

Many solicitors charge by the hour, so the more time needed to draw up the document, the more expensive it will be. Complex legal documents should always be drawn up by a legal professional.
All Powers of Attorney must also be registered with the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG).

In England and Wales, the compulsory fee is £82 per LPA.

In Scotland, the fee is £81.

In Northern Ireland, the fee is £151.

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Do I have to pay the fees?

You will usually always pay to register an LPA. Your solicitor will include this as part of the service.

However, if you receive certain state benefits, you may be exempt from paying fees.

If you earn less than £12,000 a year, you may be able to get a discount of up to 50%. You or your solicitor will need to apply to the OPG.

Are there any other expenses?

If you no longer have your original Power of Attorney – or your loved ones need it after you’ve lost capacity – you’ll need to get a copy of the document certified by a professional before someone can act as your attorney.

Certified copies of your Power of Attorney cost around £40.

Correcting mistakes on your LPA costs £41 with the OPG.

Why do I need to pay for LPA when I have a will?

A will and a Power of Attorney are two separate legal documents – and you’ll need to pay for each separately.
Wills don’t include Power of Attorney. An LPA is only valid while you’re still alive. The moment you pass away, Power of Attorney is revoked. The instructions in the will then take precedence.

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How to make a Power of Attorney?  

Your LPA must name at least one trusted attorney to act on your behalf and in your best interests. will then outline your instructions – what your attorney can and can’t do – and sign the document alongside a witness or witnesses, and a certificate provider.

Making a Power of Attorney with a solicitor has never been easier.

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