How to assess the success of your free trial

As your free trial with The Law Superstore draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on its success.

Was the platform right for growing your law firm?

Know what success looks like

Heading into your free trial, you’ll have had some idea what you wanted to achieve. Partners looking to grow with The Law Superstore tend to focus on four key areas:
  • Starting or increasing their digital marketing efforts
  • Increasing their online brand
  • Raising awareness in the local area
  • Experimenting with new marketing channels

Based on your own business objectives, you will have set SMART goals and key metrics.

For instance, you might want to convert 10% of all new enquiries from The Law Superstore. Witnessed an increase in a particular legal service. Increased enquiries from a new location by 25%. Every firm is unique, and like all digital marketing channels, you’ll want to set reasonable expectations.

In your partner dashboard, you’ll find lots of data related to lead conversions.

Questions to ask…

  • Were my original metrics specific and achievable?  
  • How do my results compare to my initial expectations?
  • Did I learn anything else about the clients and services I attract?


Understand the system

With new systems to navigate and new processes to learn, introducing new tech into any business can prove difficult (not to mention pricey).

Since online lead generation is new to many legal professionals, The Law Superstore is built to be quick to implement and easy to understand. As an online, browser-based tool, there’s no lengthy rollouts. And, because it’s designed to offer law firms a low-cost digital marketing channel, it isn’t costly to businesses who decide it isn’t right for them.

We’re proud of the on-going support we offer every partner on our expert panel. We’re here whenever you need us.

When you first joined, you should’ve had calls with your account manager to discuss using The Law Superstore. Our team know the system inside-out. They can show you how to set-up your profile. Offer tips for legal lead conversions. And explore with you the best ways to attract new clients online.

Questions to ask…

  • Was my team properly briefed on using the platform?
  • Did I experience any business disruption?
  • Was support readily available and clear to follow?

Assess costs and risks

The digital marketplace is expensive. That’s one of the reasons you might’ve joined The Law Superstore – it’s a more affordable route to the digital marketplace. And it works well as part of a broader digital marketing strategy.

Partners who see the greatest success use the platform to supplement and complement their other channels; SEO, paid ads, social media, and email marketing.

Compared to other digital options, you’ve hopefully found experimenting with what works for your firm isn’t as risky or as expensive. Your partner dashboard is totally customisable. You’ll know how simple it is to turn on or off leads, adjust prices and locations, and add new services from your account manager.

You might’ve discovered that you gain more leads by focusing on a niche mile-radius from the office. Or that you attract a younger demographic looking to write their will.

You can trial your tactics on The Law Superstore and use the results to inform your other digital marketing efforts.

Questions to ask…

  • Was The Law Superstore pricing structure clear?
  • How does the platform fit into my overall marketing strategy?
  • How do lead costs compare to my other channels, like paid search and SEO?

Consider extra benefits

Digital marketing in the legal sector can often feel like an uphill struggle. Standing out in a crowded (and often similar) marketplace is a constant problem, especially for an industry still getting to grips with how to best promote practices online, and how to compete online against local law firms and national brands.

It’s a topic our legal sales manager discussed in the LegalEx Virtual session ‘Delivering on your potential: Succeeding in the digital marketplace’. We’ve also extensively covered the subject over on our Business Support hub.

But more and more people are online. And more and more of them are happy using legal professionals from anywhere in the country.

The legal-digital shift is real.

During your free trial, you’ll have had access to two key marketing benefits:
  • A boost to your online presence – whether you have a crack team of SEO experts or your website is still under construction
  • A wider pool of potential clients – our users are people actively searching online for legal services

With an online profile, you will have also been able to refine your branding – focusing on your ideal clients and how you want your firm to come across to them. Users tell us making a human connection with their lawyer is vital. We hope you’re finding a real opportunity to do that with The Law Superstore.

Your account manager will be happy to chat about how to extend your online reach.

Questions to ask…

  • Did the platform maximise my time?
  • Did The Law Superstore help increase my online presence?
  • Did you engage with new clients that other channels wouldn’t provide?

Join The Law Superstore’s expert panel

When your forty free leads are up, our team will be in contact to explore the best plans for you – no set-up costs, no subscription fees, no minimum-term contract. If you’d like to join our expert panel as a full partner before then, get in touch with your account manager or call 0330 223 4500.