Business Support

Business Support

Choosing the right digital tools for your firm is essential for success – and we want all partners on our panel to find that success.

An SRA report sheds more light on technology use in the legal sector – and it’s helping law firms identify areas of opportunity for competitive advantage.

As law firms sweep into the digital marketplace, many find it difficult to work out what to expect.

When we talk about the digital marketplace, what do we really mean? And how can law firms take advantage of the opportunities it presents?

As the legal industry begins to look to the future, discover how to capitalise on the world's turbo-charged digitalisation.

With law firm profitability falling in the wake of COVID, even amongst the top 100 companies, remote services are becoming an essential life-line. But how can law firms big and small give clients confidence in their offerings?

Last year, the LSB launched a consultation on its draft statutory policy statement. Focused on ‘empowering customers’, the industry body has set clear expectations for the legal sector.

Social proof is a powerful tool in your online arsenal – but what is social proof, how does it work, and how can you use it to drive new enquiries to your law firm?

As your free trial with The Law Superstore draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on its success.

Was the platform right for growing your law firm?

Law firms, like so many other businesses, have been challenged by the increasing use of online services and the remote revolution brought about by the pandemic.

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