Unpaid Wages

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If your business is faced with an unpaid wages claim and direct communication has not resulted in a settlement, seeking the help of a legal service provider should be your next step. Here is some basic guidance to inform your choice of legal expert.

When can an unpaid wages claim be brought against a business?

Unpaid wage claims can be brought against an employer whenever a claimant believes that a business owes them for services provided. Claims must, however, be brought against a business within three months of the missed or withheld payment. 

Can employees claim for more than basic wages?

Employees can make a claim for any wages that were promised, or agreed upon in their contract, but were not paid. This includes unfair or unapproved deductions as well as remunerations for overtime that were not received. 

Should employees be reprimanded for making a claim?

An employee who make a claim against their employer, whether for unpaid wages or any other issue regarding fairness, are protected by law. As such, they cannot lose their job or be subject to any form of reprimand for lodging a formal claim where they believe there to be wrongdoing. 

How can a legal expert help me?

A legal expert will advise you on the best course of action when faced with an unpaid wages claim, especially if other legal processes such as TUPE are involved. They will also represent you at a tribunal if events proceed in that direction. 

How should a legal service provider be appointed?

Unpaid wage claims require a legal service provider experienced in business dispute law. You may wish to consider the location, size or cost of a firm before choosing a firm. It may also be important to you to make your decision based on a legal service provider’s reputation. Answer a few short questions now and start comparing legal service providers based on the criteria most important to you. 

What pricing structure can I expect?

A legal service provider will typically represent a business on an hourly rate basis for defending an unpaid wage claim. Different pricing structures may be applied for advice, mediation services or court representation. 

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