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What else you might like to know about Contract & Policy Review

If your business is engaged in a contract or policy review, seeking the help of a legal service provider should be your next step to ensure the business is compliant with employment law. Here is some basic guidance to inform your choice of legal expert. 

Why might my contract or policy need reviewing?

Contracts and policies may need reviewing for a number of reasons. This includes instances where the law has recently changed and an update is needed to your documentation, or where a tribunal has found against your business due to the contents of a policy or contract. 

How can a legal expert help?

A legal expert will be able to identify where improvements should be made to your contracts and policies in order to comply with legislation, protect your business or simply make improvements. 

How should I choose a legal expert?

Contracts and legal policies are of the utmost importance to the continued and smooth running of any business and so you should appoint a legal service provider with a proven and effective history in contractual matters. You may also wish to consider the location, reputation and cost of a firm before making your decision.


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How will a legal service provider charge me?

A legal service provider may charge on a fixed fee or hourly rate basis for the review of your contracts or policies. 

What action should be taken after the review?

If your employment or other contracts have been reviewed and refreshed then you should ensure that all relevant parties sign a new and updated agreement at the earliest possibility. Likewise, new or refreshed policies should be integrated into official documentation. 

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