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If your business is looking to create or update a staff handbook, a legal service provider is well placed to draft, amend or advise upon your legal requirements. Here is some basic advice and guidance to inform your choice of legal expert. 

What is a staff handbook?

A staff handbook or employee manual is a document that sets out the company policies for all employees. The staff handbook is usually provided to employees upon commencement of their contract as a guide and means of orientation. 

What should be included in a staff handbook?

The staff handbook is an official document and as such should contain valuable information on the company, its policies and its procedures. These often include holiday entitlement, disciplinary actions, uniform requirements and what is deemed to be both acceptable and unacceptable conduct. 

What are the benefits of a staff handbook?

The main benefit of a staff handbook is the clarity it provides. The presence of a comprehensive and detailed staff handbook helps employers to pre-empt potential disputes by clearly outlining expectations, responsibilities and obligations in the workplace. 

What sort of legal fees can I expect?

A staff handbook can vary in length and complexity. However, it is often possible for a legal service provider to provide a fixed fee or fixed fee with capped hours price to businesses for this service. 

How can I find the best legal service provider?

You may wish to consider the location, reputation and cost of a firm before making your decision. Other relevant factors include opening hours and size of the firm in question.


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