Purchase of Commercial Property

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If your business is considering purchasing a property, seeking the help of an experienced legal service provider should be your next step. Here is some basic advice and guidance to inform your choice of legal expert. 

What are the benefits of purchasing commercial property?

Purchasing a commercial property can be extremely beneficial to a business. Purchasing a commercial property gives greater freedom to you as the occupant and greater control over the future of your business premises. Commercial properties also frequently represent a sound investment for the business and a source of income if you choose to lease part of the premises. 

What should the main considerations be when buying a commercial property?

When purchasing a commercial property there are many considerations to keep in mind. You must be sure that it is the right time for you to purchase and that you can afford it. You should also keep the property's features in mind, such as its location and whether it will allow you to expand. 

What processes have to be carried out before purchase?

As with any property purchase, buying commercial property requires a number of checks to be made before the deal is complete. These include finalising contracts, completing surveys and performing the necessary searches. 

How can a legal service provider help?

Engaging a legal service provider is an essential part of the process when purchasing a commercial property. A legal expert will not only liaise with the seller, but also draw up contracts, assess terms and perform searches. 

What if I need a mortgage?

Most businesses cannot afford to buy a commercial property outright, and so a mortgage is required more often than not. Commercial mortgages may differ from domestic mortgages, however, and your legal service provider should be able to guide you through the most important details. 

How can I choose the best legal expert for me?

It is worth considering a number of factors when choosing a legal expert to handle the purchase of a commercial property. Location, reputation and cost of a firm may all play a part in your decision. Customer reviews can be particularly useful in establishing the right legal service provider for business property services.


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How will a legal service provider charge me?

The purchase of a commercial property is a relatively straightforward process. Legal service providers may charge you on a fixed fee or hourly rate basis. 

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Purchase of Commercial Property

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