Is The Law Superstore right for your law firm?

Choosing the right digital tools for your firm is essential for success – and we want all partners on our panel to find that success.

Choosing the right digital tools for your firm is essential for success – and we want all partners on our panel to find that success. However, introducing the wrong technology can be a costly, inefficient nightmare. We strongly believe in transparency and helping all our users make informed decisions. So, is The Law Superstore platform right for you?

How does The Law Superstore work?

The Law Superstore is a low-cost, no-risk online lead generation platform that connects you with clients who need the legal services you provide.

When someone comes to the comparison site, they can select the legal service they require, answer a few questions, and verify their email address. They’ll then receive up to four price-banded quotes from legal providers that match their needs.

Your firm is charged every time it appears in these search results, like a highly focused version of a Google Ad campaign.

At the same, you’ll receive their contact details – so you can reach out to a potential client who’s actively searching for a legal expert right now.

Partners on our expert panel who see the most success…
  • Take time to set up their profiles and services at the beginning
  • Experiment with prices and coverage based on our data
  • Respond quickly to client enquiries

Any firm of any size can use The Law Superstore to find new clients. The platform is flexible by design, and as simple to use, customise, and manage your services, coverage, and enquiries.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s always The Law Superstore is right for every practice.


When is the platform the wrong choice?

  • When you’re at full capacity

If partners are at maximum capacity, any lead generation is going to be wasted. You understand how important it is to give clients the optimal experience and the attention they each deserve. You don’t want to invite potential clients to enquire, only to turn them away. It also risks alienating clients who might use you in the future.

With The Law Superstore dashboard, you can easily turn enquiries on or off by service – but if you expect to be at full capacity for a while, it might not be the solution for you right now.
  • When you need a primary source of income

Successful partners often use The Law Superstore to generate a steady stream of ‘bread-and-butter cases’ to supplement their primary caseload and bolster their digital marketing output. But the platform shouldn’t be used as your main or only source of income.

Instead, we encourage all partners to use The Law Superstore to support current client acquisition methods, like local press campaigns and service-specific paid ads.  

Our platform is built for flexibility. It’s simple to adjust your pricing and coverage area or stop or start legal services, and we encourage everyone to experiment with these to find success.

As an example, one London partner tried to attract clients from across the city. It wasn’t until we sat down with the team and analysed the data from conversions that we could see that a more focused geographical area led to more client signing up.
  • When you’re not comfortable talking about your services

Successful conversions are the core of online lead generation – and that’s slightly different to the way you usually turn a prospective client into a paying one. It demands adopting a lead-gen mindset.

You need to be able to discuss the services you offer confidently and simply – and often remotely. You won’t always have the trappings of a respectable office, certificates on the wall, the reassuring body language.

Achieving the best results means being comfortably highlighting your firm’s ‘value’ – a topic you can learn more about here. And if that’s not how you or the other partners operate, online enquiries may not be right for you.

If you are considering The Law Superstore to find new revenue streams, remember: the best customer experiences are the ones that are seamless, consistent – whether someone’s online or in the office.
  • When you can’t quickly respond to enquiries

Time and again, the most successful partners on our expert panel are the ones the respond to client enquiries fast.

People using The Law Superstore are often looking to discuss legal matters as soon as possible. So, for best results, get back to a lead within 5 minutes, but no later than 24 hours. The more time between someone finding a quote and you contacting them, the more time other firms have to nab the client from under your nose.

We explored the subject in greater depth in ‘Why your lead generation response time matters’.

You may also need to ask a few more of your probing questions, to make sure they’re the right fit for your firm. We recommend starting with these four questions to ask every online client.

If you don’t think you can maintain speedy response times, then the platform might not be the right opportunity for your firm.

What are the real costs of the wrong tech?

Choosing new technology for a firm is easy. Choosing the right technology is more difficult.

The business case for modernising processes is clear: it’s estimated that slow, outdated, and unreliable tech costs UK companies £35bn every year. Almost every aspect of the business suffers. Decision-making becomes more extreme – some rush to buy the shiniest tools without assessment, some hesitate a beat too long and watch competitors overtake them in the race to the digital marketplace.

‘Don’t buy the wrong marketing tech’, hot off the press from the Harvard Business Review, draws on interviews from senior marketing technology managers to explore the real-world costs of businesses implementing new technology that wasn’t right for them.

When you use the wrong tools, everyone pays. Making the wrong decision…
  • Costs precious time and money
  • Causes disruptions to business
  • Harms productivity and work quality
  • Frustrates partners who can’t get on with their job
  • Frustrates tech companies who can’t make the system ‘fit’
  • Impacts the client experience
  • Impacts the employee experience

Achieving buy-in for a business development venture can be significantly difficult in a sector known for its cautiousness around implementing lawtech. Want to know how difficult this can be?

When PWC polled companies across the world, as part of its Consumer Intelligence series, it found that 90% of C-suite executives believed the business ‘pays attention to people’s needs when introducing new technology.’

Just 53% of staff agreed.

And 73% of those polled said they ‘know of systems that would help them produce higher quality work.’

Who should use The Law Superstore?

The legal sector is a crowded industry. As use of comparison and review sites continue to grow, The Law Superstore is a new way to promote your firm across the digital marketplace.

The platform is ideal when you want to:
  • Expand into new locations – locally or across England and Wales
  • Market new or existing services to a broader audience online
  • Reach new clients across the digital marketplace
  • Grow your business and your client-base
  • Strengthen your online presence

For those already engaged in digital marketing, The Law Superstore supports your existing output, getting you in front of new clients online, just as your website, social media, and paid ad campaigns do.

For smaller firms, the site gives you an immediate online presence while you continue to build and optimise your website.

There are a few differences with our platform. It’s not disruptive to your firm, and it’s not risky like many new tech implementations – you can easily manage everything in the browser.

Our lead generation is far less expensive than broad digital marketing campaigns: where most online promotion targets people likely to be looking for a legal professional, users on our platform are already seeking legal support.

Join our expert panel with our free trial and see if The Law Superstore is right for your firm.