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Business Support

In the wake of the pandemic, client habits are forcing firms to re-think tactics – but how can you keep pace?

New client acquisition is the only way a law firm can grow. But how can you successfully reach new audiences without losing your existing client-base?

Change is difficult – especially in a traditional sector like law, and progress means different things to different people. If you’re fizzing with ideas to take your law firm to new heights using a new product or service, how can you successfully make the business case?

As the SDLT holiday draws to a close, how can practices find and replace those customers they’re about to lose? We look at the data to help law firms prepare for the ‘new intake’.

You don’t need to always match prices with competitor firms. But you do need to show you’re worth it. And online, it’s never been easier to demonstrate value.

Understanding how potential clients discover your services is critical to a law firm’s success. However, the idea lingers that it takes up a lot of time – time busy legal professionals don’t always have.

The legal sector has taken a battering over the last few years. Now, as the industry begins to look beyond Brexit and Covid-19, another long-term problem is tormenting law firms across the country.

The legal industry has an uneasy relationship with new technologies. How can you take advantage of technology, and the sector’s glacial pace of uptake, to get ahead of the competition?

If you’re a legal professional looking to increase your client-base, try online lead generation, or boost business growth, The Law Superstore offers an intelligent way to connect with new clients.

When you first contact an online lead, you’ll want to contact and categorise them as quickly as you can. So, it’s vital to prepare a short list of questions to make sure they’re the right fit for your business.

Let's look at the four questions you’ll always want to include.

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